Connecting all allotment communities in Greater London

You want an allotment.

Many allotment sites only let plots to residents of a specific Borough, neighbourhood or geographical area.

Start by contacting your Borough Council. There is a full list of their websites here.

If you have tried that and got no where try the adjoining Borough Councils, you might just be lucky.

If you have still been unsuccessful read the next paragraphs carefully.

London Allotments Network does not have any plots. We hold a London wide waiting list of people who want plots and who live in boroughs where there are none or who are already on a borough waiting list but prepared to take a plot in another borough if one becomes available. Anyone living in Greater London who wants a plot may add their name to it. Demand greatly exceeds supply and in 2005 we only succeeded in finding plots for 10% of those on the list.

You may also use the clearing House if you know that there is an allotment site near you but cannot find out who manages it.

If you put your name on our list we will do our best to find a plot for you even if it takes several years.

If you put your name on our list you promise to tell us when you do find a plot. We forward applications on our list to allotment letting officers who are frequently too busy to tell us when they let a plot to someone on our list.

We also use our list as a means of putting pressure to make more plots available on local authorities and other possible providers.

By putting your name on our list you are agreeing to the information that you have given us being forwarded to your local council and to any allotment society or other allotment provider in Greater london.

To put your name on our list.

Is easy. Just send us an e-mail giving your name and address and an e-mail address where we can contact you. You must include a postal address because many allotment society secretaries do not have e-mail and will want to contact you by post and an increasing number of allotment sites now have defined catchment areas and will not accept applications from outside them. It also helps if you give a telephone number.

We may contact you by e-mail or phone from time to time.

There are a few vacant plots listed here.


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