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Rosendale Allotments Association Ltd

Bye-laws and tenancy terms


    Each member shall hold at least one share in the Association for each plot rented.
  2. Conditions of renting
    No member/household may hold more than three plots unless there are no other applicants waiting. The Committee may take back any plots held in excess of three and the holder has the right to decide which plot or plots will be given up. The Committee shall have the right to make special conditions in regard to any tenancy and every member shall observe and perform all conditions and covenants in any lease under which the Association holds the land.
  3. Payment of rent
    Before taking possession every member shall pay rent in advance on the days and at the time and place appointed by the Committee and to the Secretary or Treasurer only. The rent shall be paid in half -yearly instalments by March 25th and September 29th or a fine will be incurred. If the rent and fine remains unpaid for one month the plot(s) may be re-let by the Committee unless the reason is distress and the Committee is notified in advance. In the case of unpaid rent, goods on the allotment may be taken into the care of the Association which at a suitable time and after giving the ex-member warning will sell them and the proceeds go to the Association.
  4. Sub-Letting
    No tenant shall sub-let their allotment or any part of it to any other person.
  5. Re-Ietting of plots
    Three months' notice in writing must be given to the Secretary before a plot is vacated or the tenant will be responsible for the rent, fines and any expenses incurred until the plot is re-let. No plot can be transferred without permission from the committee.
  6. Access to Site
    The grounds of the Association are strictly private and only plotholders and those having permission from the committee are able to enter. The plotholder will be charged a deposit for a key which should not be duplicated or passed on to any other member. When the member leaves the Association the key must be returned and the deposit refunded. Gates must be locked after entry or exit.

  8. Appearance and management
    Each plot must display it's number clearly. Plots must be kept free from weeds and properly cultivated, with the grass border trimmed. There must be no accumulation of rubbish i.e. glass, plastic, or metal items on the plot. All rubbish should be taken home by the plotholder. Fruit trees and bushes should be planted so that they do not overhang the paths, or the Committee may be forced to trim them back. Any open supports placed to grow beans, vine fruits etc. must be set in from the path at least 30 cm. (1 foot).
  9. Trespass
    No tenant shall make any encroachment or trespass on another's allotment without authority.
  10. Paths
    Paths and roads must be kept clear of obstruction. The main paths should be a minimum of 1.2 metres (4 feet) wide and the smaller paths must be a minimum of 60 cm (2 feet) wide. The grass on inter-plot paths should be regularly trimmed and the edges kept neat. No weed-killer is permitted on these paths nor should the top growth be removed down to the roots with sharp tools leaving the path bare. The pathways must not be used for burning rubbish.
  11. Fences
    No fences or hedges are allowed on the allotments, which should maintain an overall open appearance. However, windbreaks are permitted, provided that they are no taller than 90 cm (3 feet), and are placed in such a way so as not to give the plot a fenced-in appearance. All materials used for windbreaks should be tidy and as inoffensive to the eye as possible. Where a plot borders a boundary fence, the plotholder should leave a strip of land 60 cm (2 feet) free from weeds and rubbish but uncultivated next to the fence.
  12. Trees and boundaries
    Members should not cut or destroy any trees, or block, mar or encroach on any path, ditch or any open space provided for general use; neither should they damage sheds, fences, gates, locks or other property of the Association.
  13. Sheds
    No member shall build any building or other structure, nor alter any existing structure, without written permission from the committee. Boxes for storing tools may be built without permission, provided they are not higher than 75 cm (2 feet 6 inches). All such structures must be painted dark green, and set in from the path at least 25 cm (9 inches).
  14. Water
    No member shall interfere with the water supply, tanks or taps. Use of hosepipes is prohibited.
  15. Responsibilities, complaints and disputes
    No member should take any produce from, nor cause any damage, nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other plot or to any local resident, nor should they obstruct the paths of other users. If any damage is caused to the crop or the allotment itself then the Committee may ask the offender to make a payment determined by them.
    Children of members may accompany their parents only if they remain on or very near to their parents' allotment, and do not stray into other plots. The Society accepts no responsibility for any harm which occurs to any child on the site; parents are expected to be vigilant on their children's behalf. Any visitors a member may have invited to the allotments are subject to the same rules as the member. Whilst bonfires are permitted between the months of November to March members are asked to keep them to a minimum, or if possible to avoid them altogether. Any fire which is causing, or likely to cause, any nuisance to both residents or plotholders must be extinguished immediately. Burning any rubber or plastic is prohibited. Lambeth council encourages people to be environmentally responsible whenever possible, so members should take their rubbish home.
    The use of strimmers or other noisy machinery is not permitted before 9 am or after 7 pm
    No livestock or bees may be kept on the allotment. No dogs are allowed on the allotments at any time.
  16. Complaints
    All complaints and disputes shall be settled by the Committee and they are empowered to take such steps as may be necessary .Their decision is final. If the plotholder does not comply with the Committee's requests or directions the Committee may, at the cost of the member, have any necessary work done or terminate the membership.
  17. Stores
    Any goods ordered through the Association must be paid for in advance and cleared as soon as possible after delivery to the stores.
  18. Change of address
    Any member changing his/her address shall notify the Secretary at once in writing.
    The Association shall have the right to re-enter and take possession of the allotment of any member whose rent is in arrears, who does not keep their allotment cultivated to the satisfaction of the committee, or on the breaking of these bye-laws or of the members' agreement with the Association and to re-let the allotment. All rent arrears, fines and expenses incurred in re-Ietting and conditioning abandoned or fortified plots shall be recoverable from the defaulting member.