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May 2007

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer visits Manor Garden Olympic Allotments

Baroness Miller, Vice Chair of the All Party Group Food and Health Forum of the House of Lords, listened to the debate on Monday 23rd April about the requisition of some of the Hackney Marshes football pitches for two seasons during the Olympics. Having read about Manor Garden Allotments plight in the Observer over the Easter weekend she wondered why there had not been any parliamentary discussion about the intention to permanently demolish these historic allotments to construct a footpath needed for the four weeks of the Olympics only. She questioned the need for their removal and added that no suitable relocation site has yet been secured for the plot holders.

Manor Gardening Society, supported by Friends of the Earth, has started legal proceedings against the London Development Agency for breach of promise to relocate before eviction.

Baroness Miller was stunned by the beauty of the allotments when she arrived on Wednesday afternoon and had no difficulty imagining them as a living exhibition in the Olympic Park. She enjoyed meeting some of the members who have been working plots there for 50 or 60 years following on from their fathers. She stayed for tea with plotholders Hassan and Reg, Adile, Julie and Sue. She intends to bring the issue to the debate during the Greater London Assembly Bill starting 8th May.

For pictures see www.lifeisland.org. Further information contact info@lifeisland.org

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