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What is the Partnership?

Ealing Allotments Partnership is a community-led group with an elected management team, working with the council on behalf of all allotments in the borough. Using its independent status, the Partnership can apply for grants to develop and improve allotment facilities; support and encourage local community involvement on allotments through helping gardeners to improve their own sites and in addition the most crucial objective of the Partnership, is to maintain and develop Ealing's Sustainable Allotment Strategy ensuring a positive and safe future for allotments in Ealing.

Anyone can get involved whether you are interested in improving your own plot; or working on a project at your site, the Partnership is here to help you. If you have a broader interest, you might want to join the team and turn your expertise to the support of allotments generally. And you're certainly encouraged to come to the annual meeting where you will find a welcome from people across the borough, each with ideas on some aspect of allotmenteering.

Officers for 2008

Secretary Dominque Van Dooren
(all enquiries to email.Dominiquevandooren@hotmail.com)

Treasurer Angela Richardson

Chair Jane Hodgkinson

Allotments Manager Stephen Cole

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