Minutes of the Management Committee meeting held on

Wednesday 5th July 2006 at Spa Hill Allotments


Pete Newbury Park Hill Chairman

Jack Dudley Swale Spa Hill/ SHOGG Vice Chairman

Anne Coram South Croydon Treasurer

Steve Clements President

David Coram South Croydon Vice President

Rosemarie Green Selhurst & South Norwood

Sid Bashford Pampisford Road

Charlie Box Pampisford Road

Joyce Fisher Norbury Park

Valerie Jarvis Norbury Park

Jeanne Mitchell Biggin Wood

Harold Lockwood Biggin Wood

Margaret Jones Bensham Manor

Chris Hewson Addiscombe Woodside & Shirley

Jill Chennell Addiscombe Woodside & Shirley

Anita Macro South Norwood Allotment Holders

Tim Gundry White Spa Hill

David Ackland Midday Sun

Robert Ramsey Thornton Heath & Norbury

Lynn Grant Thornton Heath & Norbury

Janet Hammond Thornton Heath & Norbury

Apologies for absence

Melanie Gingell (Secretary), Doug Oliver (Sanderstead), Roger Green (S&SN), Tony Lewington (SNAHA), Anne Pfaff (Vice President)

Minutes of last meeting

Agreed and signed

Matters Arising


Chairman’s Report

PN reported on the Allotments Consultative Panel meeting that had finally taken place on 24th April. It was attended only by Barry Lambton, PN, JDS and MG. A list of questions had been submitted in advance in the hope of saving time in obtaining answers.

PN reported AWSLG now rejoined CFAGS. All societies now represented.

PN asked why allotments section of Croydon website changed to remove all reference to leasehold sites and CFAGS. Gives misleading picture of situation. Also map link given for location of Midday Sun is incorrect and actually Smitham! BL agreed to investigate further.

Skips –

Sale of Allotment Land

Covered above.

Treasurer’s Report

The bank balance is £2926. All subs now received for this year.

Events 2006

Amenity Competition Sunday 9th July – societies provided a list of judges totalling 20. A greater number than for many years. Rosemarie Green I kindly providing lunch at S&SN allotments. Judges to meet at Spa Hill at 8am or Midday Sun at 8.30am

Best Plot Competition

It was decided to extend the competition to two categories – small (5 rod) and large (10 rod). The Council will be asked to provide an additional cup. One is to hand for temporary use if new not available in time. All nominations to be received for final judging will take place on Wednesday 19th July.

Reports from Societies

Norbury Park – fully let with seven on waiting list. Two recent water leaks which proved very costly – fundraising now in hand.

Pampisford Road – fully let. BBQ to be held soon, no date set.

Enmore Road – fully let with six on waiting list. Communal area being created from shaded vacant plot. Toilet to be built – mains version too expensive, investigate composting. Fundraising activities set. Site looking good. Open Day in June – date TBA. New section of fence erected – hoping to build new path. To encourage cultivation carpets used to keep weeds down may only be used in winter.

[PN noted research previously carried out into composting toilets. Best solution considered to be Envirolet waterless self contained unit. This now purchased by S&SN and shortly to be installed]

Glenthorne Avenue – recent change of chairman. Grounds Steward suspended and being investigated by police for fraud. Lots of new members. Problems with vandalism. Skip costs high, revised system needed. Main building regularly used for outside events, includes bar, but high maintenance costs - £6k for windows, as much as £20k needed for rewiring. Membership fees increased, mowers hired out, large trading hut including greenhouse. High insurance bill, hoping to reduce this by joining Federation scheme. Problems getting volunteers to help with management. New constitution needed to bring it into 21st century. Enmore Road offered help as theirs recently done. No show had been held last year, judges needed to stage one, help finding them would be appreciated.

Biggin Wood – 100% of rents collected. Cleared original waiting list, two new people wanting plots. No vandalism. Large tree on boundary blown down, Council’s responsibility to clear, contacted, but no action yet. AGM 14th May, PN invited to attend. Open day 3 September.

S&SN – Grow/Cook scheme disbanded due to lack of funding. Promised grant money not forthcoming. Four plots thus available to let. One plot let recently to person sent from Spa Hill, thanks to JDS. RG reported on “Sewage Abatement” on water bill. This is refund for using water but not sewage. Has anyone else had one? All may be entitled. Not apparently regular.

Bensham Manor – two vacant plots at Bert Road. Small waiting list. Communal area behind trading hut being built. Plant sale 14th May. See Kitchen Garden magazine June issue for spread on winning plot.

Spa Hill – eight plots changing hands. 22 on waiting list in 1km radius. 80+ on waiting list in total. Successful recent school visit. Income from hall being booked out regularly and used daily as café.

South Croydon – email report – “The site now has a waiting list of 26 which has recently been checked. Warning letters have been sent to 10 plotholders. There was a working party weekend with a good turnout which cleared a load of rubbish from 3 plots, we paid for a skip privately as this was easier to organise. The site is looking busy which is a good sign.”

Park Hill – fully let with 9 on waiting list. Small number of weedy letters sent. Open day on Mela weekend 15th July.


Hosepipe ban -

Does hosepipe ban apply to allotments? Some discussion on legalities. JDS agreed to enquire of Thames Water officially as London Allotments Net. Result to be passed on when available. Societies please note – all sites south of South Croydon are in area covered by Sutton & East Surrey Water who may have different rules. Societies affected are recommended to make their own enquiries.

Decision on sale of allotment land –

President expressed view we may have missed an opportunity for lobbying councillors prior to elections next week. Actions so far had been based on agreement of previous meeting. Some discussion on possible further actions followed. Meeting agreed to a proposal from SNAHA for official letter to be sent to Councillor Karen Jewitt immediately after election asking for decision before 31st May, after which major lobbying would begin if not forthcoming.

[In view of change in control of Council following election on 4 May, letter to be sent to Councillor Chris Wright instead]

Next Meeting Wednesday 11th October 2006 - 8pm at Spa Hill Allotments