Minutes of the Management Committee meeting held on 

Wednesday 15th February 2006 at Spa Hill Allotments




Pete Newbury         Park Hill                        Chairman

Melanie Gingell        Park Hill                        Secretary

Jack Dudley Swale        Spa Hill/ SHOGG                Vice Chairman

Steve Clements        Selhurst & South Norwood        President

David Coram                South Croydon                Vice President

Anne Coram                South Croydon                Treasurer

Roger Green                Selhurst & South Norwood

Rosemarie Green        Selhurst & South Norwood

Janet Hammond        Thornton Heath & Norbury

Robert Ramsey        Thornton Heath & Norbury

Joyce Fisher                Norbury Park

Valerie Jarvis                Norbury Park

David Ackland                Midday Sun

Jeanne Mitchell        Biggin Wood

Harold Lockwood        Biggin Wood

Babs Daly                Bensham Manor

Sean Dennehy        Bensham Manor



Apologies for absence 

Sid Bashford (Pampisford Road), Bill Willoughby (South Croydon) – David Coram to be CFAGS delegate as he is now chairman of South Croydon society.


Minutes of last meeting 

Agreed and signed 


Matters Arising 


Chairman’s Report 

PN reported no Allotments Consultative Panel meeting had been held with the Council since 11th October.  At that meeting PN had asked for the minutes of the meeting of 12th July to be made available, as these would contain the Council’s agreement to the full use of the money from the sale of allotment land.  These eventually arrived on 14th November and were a most unsatisfactory record of proceedings and were duly rejected.  The meeting scheduled for 15th November was therefore cancelled by the Council at the last minute, and, despite several requests has yet to be reconvened.  It is thought likely the Council have had a change of heart and are now seeking to pull out of the deal.


PN also reported he had been in touch again with the legal department of the NSALG, who continue to support our interpretation of the 1908 Act.  They pointed out that any judicial review we might initiate has to be done within 12 weeks of the decision concerned, but since we have not been informed officially of any change in Council policy, the NSALG support our view the clock is not yet ticking.


Some debate followed on how best to persuade the Council to have the meeting.  Ideas included everyone writing to their ward councillors or involving the local press.  The meeting concluded these methods would be better employed getting any adverse decision overturned and that a simple request to Karen Jewitt should be the first move.  However the new request should be phrased to indicate it came from the Fedeartion as a whole.


The agenda for the next meeting would also include – 


JDS had attended the last Greenlink meeting and had nothing to report of interest to allotments. 


The AGM held on November 5th had a good turnout and the prizes were once again presented by the Mayor.


PN had set up the Federation’s display at a Food Forum lecture sponsored by the Mayor.  Our presence was appreciated.


Sale of Allotment Land 

Covered above.


Treasurer’s Report 

Bank balance now £1,690 before money delivered at the meeting.  Two sites still outstanding on insurance money and four on subs.


Details of cover to be sent to all societies. 


Events 2006 


See accompanying Diary for full details.  Societies please send details of Open Days and other events for inclusion.


Reports from Societies 

Park Hill – fully let with a waiting list.  Bonfire and BBQ held 5/11 not well attended despite dry weather.  Recently acquired generator and lights improved the event and made others possible.


Midday Sun – fully let, but are Council aware? Rent letters being sent very late.  Notice to quit letter long wanted by society finally issued by Council – plotholder appealed – given to end on year to cultivate – dug over on 30/12!


Spa Hill - 4½ plots vacant, but 87 on waiting list.  Major works being carried out to provide disabled toilet, and electrical works associated with the now functional wind turbine.  Alf Waters, long standing shop manager, now retired due to ill health.  Daily café now established six days a week – proving very popular.


Norbury Park – New letter received from Tooting Legal advice about Bob Hope – society responded with wording suggested by PN.  Nothing more heard for some months.  One further troublemaker still on site.  Bonfire held on 6/11 but neighbours called fire brigade.


Biggin Wood – society pleased with level of enquiries from younger members.  New members invited to site Sunday 19th.  Water piping needs replacing this year, with or without external funding.  Housing development at top of site causing damage to access road - Council expected society to contribute to repair, but lease shows responsibility not on society – ward councillor Pat Ryan had been supportive.  


TH&N – rent collecting started 1/1.  18-20 plot still outstanding.  One plotholder persuaded to give up on grounds of ill health, with promise to review on recovery.  Some shed locks broken – thought to be vandalism as nothing stolen.


S&SN – bonfire 5/11.  Xmas fair held with good profit.  Rents now collected resulting in one vacant plot.  Disabled plots still under construction and nearing completion.  Composting toilet now delivered but awaiting building to house it – cost £840 – bought on internet with no difficulty.


Bensham Manor – Xmas Fair held 3 December – plant related gifts etc. – made over £600.  Plant sale 14 May.


South Croydon – 3 orchards being cleared – removal of stumps is remaining.  20 on waiting list.  Plot inspections start end of February.  Thief on site.   BBQ in July – date TBA.  Open day August BH.  Many recent manure deliveries.


Spa Hill – access to main building now completed and toilets installed.  New electrical supply and wind turbine now connected.  Minor outbreak of vandalism.  Bonfire 5/11.  Fully let with long waiting list.  AGM on 18th March.  Problem with skip drivers in positioning skips properly.



Dates for events to be collated into regularly issued diary.  Societies to send info to PN for inclusion.


DA reported concern at the time taken by Council to cash plot rent cheques – over three months in some cases. 




Next Meeting Wednesday 26th April 2006 - 8pm at Spa Hill Allotments