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Minutes of the Management Committee meeting held on Wednesday 28th February 2007 at Spa Hill Allotments


Pete Newbury     Park Hill    Chairman

Melanie Gingell    Park Hill    Secretary

Jack Dudley Swale    Spa Hill/ SHOGG     Vice Chairman

Steve Clements            President

Anne Coram     South Croydon     Treasurer

David Coram     South Croydon

Chris Hewson     Addiscombe, Woodside & Shirley

Rosemarie Green Selhurst & South Norwood

Roger Green     Selhurst & South Norwood

Joyce Fisher     Norbury Park

Valerie Jarvis     Norbury Park

Jeanne Mitchell    Biggin Wood

Harold Lockwood    Biggin Wood

Margaret Jones    Bensham Manor

Cindy Stott     Bensham Manor

Anita Macro     South Norwood Allotment Holders

Tony Lewington    South Norwood Allotment Holders

David Ackland     Midday Sun

Robert Ramsey    Thornton Heath & Norbury

Janet Hammond    Thornton Heath & Norbury

Apologies for absence

Doug Oliver (Sanderstead), Sid Bashford (Pampisford Road), Tim Gundry White (Spa Hill), Lyn Grant (TH&N)

Minutes of last meeting

Agreed and signed

Matters Arising


Chairman's Report

PN and JDS had attended an Allotments Consultative Panel meeting with the Council yesterday and the following subjects were raised;

Lease at Park Hill, Council still reluctant to contact Whitgift Foundation due to concerns over rent increase. Park Hill Society very unhappy with the situation. The horse field at the bottom of the site is now available as extension to site. To be discussed at next Park Hill meeting.

Detail on sale of land at Midday Sun. Council finally produced requested info about terms of sale, water supply, fencing etc.

Aylesford Avenue; info on lease position still not forthcoming. Subsequent to meeting JDS obtained relevant info by going direct to Beckenham Society and Bromley Allotments Officer. This confirmed lease was for this site only and an easement existed over the access road.

Allotments section of Croydon website still not updated. CFAGS insisted on immediate minimum updating by mentioning leasehold sites and CFAGS and correction of map reference to Midday Sun.

A draft devolved management agreement for Midday Sun was tabled. Estates department to respond with any comments by 14 March.

Skips: present arrangement only available for one more year. Discussions to begin on alternatives. Suggestions include regular pick-up by cage vehicles, more composting including shredding.

New allotment site: PN and JDS had visited South Norwood Club site. Very overgrown. Much work needed to reinstate site. Council to investigate possible implications on Lottery money grant already made for improving South Norwood Grounds.

Political involvement in ACP meetings: had been present up until change of administration last year. Needs to be reinstated as thought to be necessary as a way of influencing decision making. Approaches to be made by Council and CFAGS to potential councillors.

Direct let sites: CFAGS had asked for the statistics relating to plots worked, available, overgrown etc for all Direct let sites.

Discussion of these topics at the CFAGS meeting concluded as follows

Sale of Allotment Land

PN reported Croydon had found a legal loophole which avoided their having to use the money from Queen Elizabeth's Drive for allotments as the land had only been appropriated to allotment use. The legal department of the NSALG had confirmed this. PN wished to record appreciation of the help and support of the NSALG in this matter.Midday Sun land a different case as it was statutory allotment land. PN was writing to Croydon officially requesting the money from this sale for allotments, again with the support of the NSALG. Unfortunately sale price was only £26,000.

Treasurer's Report

Subs and insurance money now coming in, including some at meeting, a few societies outstanding. Money for competition not yet received from Council.

Events 2007

Dates for competitions not yet decided.

No Council sponsored events yet known of where we might have a presence.

Retrospective sponsorship to be sought. Subsequent to meeting Anita Macro reported letters seeking sponsorship for the Amenity Competition and Half Plot cup had been sent to eight local businesses.

Agreed to investigate a stand and display in North End outside Whitgift Centre as a way of promoting allotments.

David Coram reported talks to be given by Radio 2 gardening presenter at Knights Garden Centre, Woldingham this Saturday.

Reports from Societies


Fencing: 300m available. 120m already earmarked for Park Hill, Bensham Manor and Biggin Wood. TH&N and South Croydon expressed interest, lengths to be determined. Council will deliver to sites.

Chris Hewson instigated a discussion on the provision of plots and toilet facilities for disabled people.

Website: agreed it was now time for Federation website at an annual cost of approximately £50-£60. To be set up with a URL of MG stated as much of the Federation business was now done electronically, the Secretary's honorarium would be used to fund the web hosting for the time being

Norbury Community Allotment project: PN reported he and Tim Gundry White were involved with this project. A small piece of land (approx only 18 rod) behind houses in Norbury Avenue to be converted into a community allotment for older people and those with learning difficulties. CFAGS to initiate bid to Awards for All to fund project. Only cost to Federation is PN's and TGW's time. Other sites might be similarly converted if this is successful.

Insurance: company had now requested info on building cover. Societies with more than one building to provide breakdown asap.

Events: please give JDS details of societies' events for London Allotments website

Waiting lists: does any society have a published waiting list policy? Should we have common waiting list? Thoughts to JDS.

SC proposed changing the venue for the AGM from the Town Hall. Do we want to be dependent on the Council for this? PN said Town Hall was at no cost to us and a central location. Change of time suggested by DC choose to avoid taking up whole day. Doesn't have to be Town Hall for Mayor to attend. Decision required at next meeting.

Next Meeting Wednesday 25th April 2007 - 8pm at Spa Hill Allotments


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