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Draft aims and objectives

  1. The GLAF aims to bring together allotment communities from across London, whatever their capacity, ownership and however they may be constituted to fulfil its objectives which are:
    • Facilitating the exchange of information and learning opportunities through shared experience amongst allotment communities across London

    • Working in partnership across London to acchieve shared aims and objectives

    • Influencing the policies and practices of statutory and other agencies in order to facilitate improved provision of allotment sites and management practices in the region.

    • researching and promoting the adoption of good practice across agencies

    • increasing knowledge and understanding of allotments in London.

  2. We will do this through the following activities:
    • Issuing press releases and articles about the GLAF, its aims, objectives and actions; on allotment issues and developmemnts in general

    • Agreeing a name, logo, aims and objectives, steering group membership, a schedule of meetings and a six month work plan

    • Arranging meetings of the steering group that will oversee the work of the GLAF and ensure that it moves forward

    • Developing proposals to put forward to the Greater London Authority (GLA) on supplementary planning guidance to promote the provision of new sites in the region

    • Meeting with GLA representatives to discuss the adoption of proposals made by the GLAF

    • Collecting information on allotment sites, local Authority allotment officers, the relevance of allotments to broader agendas, and an outline of the benefits of allotments in order to support the lobbying function of the GLAF

    • Organising a conference in July 2004 to build on the findings from the London Allotments Conference held on 23 July 2003

    • Accessing funding to enable the GLAF to acchieve its aims.

  3.  During he initial developmemnt stage the GLAF will be unable to:
    • give detailed advice on individual queries on any topic

    • Lobby on behalf of particular allotment communities or organisations

    • guarantee providing a London wide response to any relevant policy consultations.

  4. The conference and review at 6 months will determine the future direction of the forum. Future activities could include
    • A newsletter

    • A website

    • Supported visits to other allotment sites

    • Further research

    • fundraising for specific projects for the GLAF

  5. Practical and strategic linkages will be vital to the emerging GLAF . These could include:
    • Draft aims and objectives

    • Allotment officers in local councils, councillors, other council officers

    • relevant voluntary and community organisations, e.g Planning Aid for London, Friends of the Earth

    • GLA, Government Office for London, other statutory agencies

    • Funders

    • Central Government Departments

April 2004